What Is The Best Muscle Building Book?

What Is The Best Muscle Building Book?

So you want to know what is the best muscle building book do you? No worries I will help you out.

Firstly when you say the word ‘book’ I am assuming you mean an actual physical book. Not a digital ebook which you buy online as an instant download. If you are wanting an instant digital download, you are best checking out the online best-selling course: No Nonsense Muscle Building, which you can see here: Click here.

There is nothing wrong with those online ebooks, but many people do not realise. That you can get great value for money and excellent information with traditional books.

Although some books are not as new and as sexy as online ebooks. They are still very relevant and a great resource. Our bodies are still the same as they were a few years ago after all.

So, What Is The Best Muscle Building Book?

The best muscle building book (in my opinion) has to be The Encyclopedia Of Bodybuilding. It is nearly 800 pages long and I think it is great value for money. Especially compared to some online ebooks available. Click here to see it

There is really everything you need in this book. From nutrition, supplements and training, which includes their M.A.S.S. Training system.

There is even a section on steroids, that gives you all real truths on the benefits and the risks involved. I do not take steroids myself, but it was very interesting to read about all the various drugs used. Each to their own after all!

The drawback to The Encyclopedia Of Bodybuilding is probably the exercises. Do not get me wrong, there are plenty of illustrated photos and diagrams for all the exercises. But you have to flick through them all to find them. And I guess we are spoilt these days with all the videos available online.

No product is perfect after all!

All in all The Encyclopedia Of Bodybuilding is a great book and well teach you pretty much everything there is to know about muscle building. You can get the book at the link below:

Click here to get The Encyclopedia Of Bodybuilding

Encyclopedia Of Bodybuilding Product Guide

(Taken from bodybuilding.com)

The definitive guide to 21st century bodybuilding. Lots of books were written about bodybuilding in the ’80s, but the world has changed since then. How can a new bodybuilder reach the success he seeks with outdated information?

With a striking cover, the most up-to-date information anywhere, and 800 pages of color images, the Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding offers what no one else does—a user-friendly, graphically pleasing book that informs you about everything from bodybuilding nutrition to supplements to exercises to posing. And this is all brought to you by the most knowledgeable man in the business: Robert Kennedy.

Click here to get The Encyclopedia Of Bodybuilding

The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding teaches you how to:

  • Make the most of the genes you were born with
  • Shape your body to perfect proportions
  • Build mass in the shortest time
  • Use food and supplements as tools to carve out a superior physique
  • Chisel out definition with diet and cardio
  • Develop a posing routine that makes you a winner
  • Plus, as a bonus: the MuscleMag International MASS system of training!
  • The perfect gift for any bodybuilder, but a priceless gift for the young beginner.


Robert Kennedy has published MuscleMag International, the top bodybuilding magazine in the world, for over 30 years. He also published five other fitness magazines, including the bodybuilding and men’s fitness magazines Reps! and Maximum Fitness. He is widely regarded as the leading authority in modern bodybuilding.

Click here to get The Encyclopedia Of Bodybuilding

I hope this post helps answer your question what is the best muscle building book.

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