Tri-Sets Workouts

Tri-Sets Workouts

Tri-sets workouts are a great tool to use for packing on lean muscle mass fast. Tri-sets greatly ramp on the density of your workouts, by forcing your muscle to do more work in less time. Which is great for muscle building. Tri-sets can be used with great effect for full body workouts and split body routines as well. I’ll give you some free tri-sets workouts in this article, so that I do not tell you all the benefits and then leave you hanging.

What Is a Tri-Set?

A tri-set is generally defined as three exercises performed back to back with very little rest in between; basically the time it takes to move onto a different exercise. The idea is to use exercises that work the same muscle groups to increase the tension on specific muscles. A tri-set will greatly increase time under tension, which is essential for muscle hypertrophy (growth). In fact you generally need between 40-75 seconds on loading onto a muscle to make it grow. A tri-set will usually ensure you get plenty of time under tension, which is one of the main reasons why they work so well.

Tri-Set Exercises

There are many tri-set exercises you can use during your workouts, which are useful. A good rule of thumb is to always change the angle of stress. For example for the chest: you can a dumbbell bench press, followed by a incline dumbbell fly and finish with a decline barbell bench. You could also use a flat barbell bench as the final tri-set exercise if you wish.

Another good rule to follow is to do a big compound exercise for the first and last tri-set exercises, with a small isolation exercise in the middle. I have done this on the example above with bench presses for the first and last, then a small isolation tri set exercise in the middle.

Try no to get to confused with what I’ve said if you do not understand. If you want to make up your own tri-set exercises, just try to mix up the 3 tri-sets as much as possible, bust your ass to do them and you will get the benefit.

Tri-Sets Training

Tri-sets training can be used for a variety of purposes. They lend themselves very well to fat loss routines due to their work capacity. But we will be focusing on muscle building and how tri-sets can help build muscle fast. For muscle building workouts; tri-sets can be used in a variety of ways, as stated in the beginning of this article. Tri-sets can be used with great effect on split body part routine, but if you have never used them before, you will get great results from using them in full body routines.

Tri-sets Workout

OrderExerciseSets RepsTempoRest Interval
A1Squat2-36-83 - 10 sec
A2Leg Extension2-36-83 - 10 sec
A3Leg Press2-36-83 - 160 sec
B1Stiff Leg Dead Lift1-26-83 - 10 sec
B2Hamstring Curl1-26-83 - 10 sec
B3Glute / Ham Raise1-26-83 - 160 sec
C1Parallel Bar Dips2-36-83 - 10 sec
C2Dumbbell French Press2-36-83 - 10 sec
C3Decline or Flat Barbell Bench Press2-36-83 - 160 sec
D1Military Press1-26-83 - 10 sec
D2Side Lateral Raise1-26-83 - 10 sec
D3Arnold Press1-26-83 - 160 sec
E1Preacher Curl1-26-83 - 10 sec
E2Standing Dumbbell Curl1-26-83 - 10 sec
E3Incline Bench Dumbbell Curl1-26-83 - 160 sec
F1Close Grip Bench Press1-26-83 - 10 sec
F2French Press1-26-83 - 10 sec
F3Cable Press Down1-26-83 - 160 sec

Tri-Sets Workout Notes

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The workout above is a 3 days a week program, were you do the workouts on non-consectutuive days such as; Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Below are the notes describing how to do the workouts:

Order: The letters before the exercise describes the order to do the exercises, which shows 3 exercises making up one tri-set. For example if you see: A1, A2 & A3– just do one set each for the legs before starting back to A1 again. Do this until all sets are finished before moving onto the ‘B’ exercises.

Exercise: This is pretty self explanatary, just do the exercises noted, if you do not know what an exercise is, you can google it for an explanation. Feel free to substitute and change any exercises as required.

Sets: Perform the prescribed amount of sets as noted. Start of by doing the lower range of the sets, the first week, then work up to the full amount of sets in the range. This is because the new training stimulus will provide plenty of muscle growth, then the extra sets will build on that.

Reps: Use a weight that lets you stay within the noted rep range. Try to increase the weight every week (after 3 workouts) but stay within the rep range. If you are only hitting the lower rep range, keep the weight constant until you can do more reps, before adding more weight again.

Tempo: This represent the speed in which you lower and raise the weight. The first number is how fast you lower the weight or the easier part (eccentric). The second number is how fast you lift or push the weight (concentric). For example if you see 4-1: That means you take 4 seconds to lower the weight, then 1 second to raise the weight back up. Remember muscle growth occurs after adequate time under tension so do not ignore the tempo.

Rest: The rest indicates how long you weight between sets. Generally you only rest for the time it takes to switch exercises when doing tri-sets, before resting for the noted time after the third exercise. Carry on with enother round of tri-sets after that.

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Tri Set Routine Recommendations

You will get the best results from these tri sets workouts if you constantly increase the reps and weights as noted, for 3 weeks.  After 3 weeks of these tri sets workouts you should cycle onto another style of bodybuilding workouts.  A good method to try would be strength workouts or some density training, which can be found below:

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Thanks for reading my article, I hope you enjoyed it and always keep tri-sets in mind whenever you hit a plateau, or want to mix your training up.

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