Supersets Workout

Supersets Workout

Supersets are generally defined as two exercises performed back to back. There are many variations which will be discussed, but they are more commonly known for two exercises performed together with no rest in between. People rarely use them to their full potential or do not realise how versitile they can be. I’ll describe the different supersets styles and their uses, so that we are on the same page. I’ve also provided you with my favourite supersets workout at the bottom, just because I am such a nice guy. ;o)

Pre-Exhaust Supersets

Pre-exhaust supersets are two exercises performed back to back with the aim of working a muscle group first before hitting the same area with another new exercise. For example you could do a set of dumbbell flies, followed by set of barbell bench presses. Usually the first exercise is an isolation exercise like a dumbbell fly. Then the second is a large compound movement that lets you use heavy weights. Pre-exhaust supersets are great for really working specific muscles, especially the larger muscles groups you find hard to reach properly.

superset workoutsPost-Exhaust Supersets

Post-exhaust supersets are very similar to pre-exhaust supersets. The main differnece is that you perform a large compound exercise like a barbell bench. Followed by a smaller isolation exercise like a dumbbell fly. Post-exhaust supersets are also great for hitting specific muscles hard. I prefer these over the pre-haust supersets because I like to use heavier weights with a large compound exercise before isolating a muscle directly after. This is one of the best exrecises you can do for a massive muscle pump.

Antagonistic Supersets

Antagonistic supersets are two exercises were you focus on opposing muscle groups or muscles groups that push in the opposite direction. For example you could do a set of bench presses followed by a set of barbell rows. Antanonistic supersets can be great for fat loss, as they get the heart rate up and can get a good metabolic response. You can also use longer rest periods between the two exercises, (supersets do not have to be done without rest as is commonly beleived). These longer rest periods are usually used for workouts aimed for mass muscle building. This is because your different body parts get more rest while other muscles are being worked. This helps to reduce your total work out time by not having to wait 2-5 minutes between sets. This can also be referred to as alternating sets.

Define Supersets

There are other variations of supersets but to be honest there is no point going into to much detail, as they all generally revolve around the descriptions shown above. What really matters most is your goals and aims. As this website is geared towards bodybuilding, we will focusing on supersets that build muscle mass!

Supersets are excellent at muscle building and should be used sometimes in your bodybuilding routine. Supersets are great for getting plenty of time under tension onto your muscles, which is essential for growth; you need to be doing constant reps for 40-70 seconds to induce muscle growth. They are also great for upping the intensity and getting a great muscle pump. Some people say the muscle pump is not needed, but I think it is wise to get it some of the time to cover all your bases. You will also be getting plenty of growth hormone being released after doing supersets. So, enough with all the talking about benefits, lets get to the workouts!

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Supersets Workout - Monday: Chest & Back

OrderExerciseSets RepsTempoRest Interval
AIncline Barbell Bench Press46-82 - 190 sec
B-1Dumbbell Bench Press36-82 - 10 sec
B-2Flat Dumbbell Fly310-124 - 160 sec
CClose Grip Chin Up46-82 - 190 sec
D-1Barbell Bent-over Row36-82 - 10 sec
D-2Wide Grip Pull Up310-124 - 160 sec

Supersets Workout - Wednesday: Legs

OrderExerciseSets RepsTempoRest Interval
ABarbell Squat46-82 - 190 sec
B-1Leg Press36-82 - 10 sec
B-2Leg Extension310-124 - 160 sec
CStiff Leg Deadlift46-82 - 190 sec
D-1Leg Curl36-82 - 10 sec
D-2Hyper (Back) Extension310-124 - 160 sec

Supersets Workout - Friday or Saturday: Shoulders & Arms

OrderExerciseSets RepsTempoRest Interval
AMilitary Press46-82 - 190 sec
B-1Arnold Press36-82 - 10 sec
B-2Side Lateral Raise310-124 - 160 sec
CBar Biceps Curl46-82 - 190 sec
D-1Dumbbell Incline or Preacher Curl36-82 - 10 sec
D-2Hammer Curl310-124 - 160 sec
EParallel Bar Dips46-82 - 190 sec
F-1Dumbbell French Press36-82 - 10 sec
F-2Cable Triceps Push Down310-124 - 160 sec

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You will see from the workouts above that this is a 3 days a week program.  You can schedule it whatever way you like really but always try to have one day of from lifting after a workout.  Below are the notes describing how to do the workouts:

Order: The letters before the exercise describes the order to do the exercises. If there is just a letter then that exercise is performed by itself and not a superset. For example if you see: A Incline barbell – just do all the sets for the incline bench as noted. If you see a numbers beside the order letter that means the exercises form a superset. For example B1 & B2 exercises should be performed together as a superset.

Exercise: This is pretty self explanatory, just do the exercises noted, if you do not know what an exercise is, you can google it for an explanation. Feel free to substitute and change any exercises as required.

Sets: Perform the prescribed amount of sets as noted.

Reps: Use a weight that lets you stay within the noted rep range. Try to increase weight every new workout but stay within the rep range. If you are only hitting the lower rep range, keep the weight constant until you can do more reps, before adding more weight again.

Tempo: This represent the speed in which you lower and raise the weight. The first number is how fast you lower the weight or the easier part (eccentric). The second number is how fast you lift or push the weight (concentric). For example if you see 4-1: That means you take 4 seconds to lower the weight, then 1 second to raise the weight back up. Remember muscle growth occurs after adequate time under tension so do not ignore the tempo.

Rest: The rest indicates how long you weight between sets. Generally you perform straight sets with the prescribed rest for the first exercise. Then move onto supersets where you do two exercises without rest, before resting for the noted time, then doing another round of supersets.

The idea behind the above workouts is to load up your muscles with heavy weight for the first exercise, to increase strength, which is essential for continuous muscle gains. Then hit your muscles with supersets which will greatly increase time under tension and intense volume. This will help you pack on muscle mass and also break through any muscle building plateaus.

If your interested you can check out a complete system that uses anangonistic supersets as part of the program, while also going one step further and using tri-sets (also known as giant sets). This program is called No Nonsense Muscle Building by a champion Canadian natural bodybuilder. His program is definitely worth checking out, you can see it by clicking the link below:

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Supersets Workout Cycling Recommendations

As you may know, your body adapts very quickly to your workouts, which is usually around the 3 week mark. Therefore you need to cycle different styles of bodybuilding workouts to ensure constant muscle gains. After superset workouts I would recommend moving onto strength training workouts for 3 weeks before moving back to supersets or another muscle building method.  You can get some free Strength Training Workouts at the link below, if you like:

Click here for your free strength training workouts

If you decide to try these workout out, feel free to let me know how you get on and let me know of your comments and findings. Remember its your body and every body reacts different to different bodybuilding workouts.

NOTE: Do you want to download these workout charts, so that you can keep them on your computer or phone and print them? The good news is you can by liking us with the Facebook button below and you will get your download:

Hope you enjoyed the supersets workout methods!

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