Strength Training Workouts (Includes Free Strength Training Workout)

Strength Training Workouts

Vince Gironda 8x8 workoutStrength training workouts are a great way to increase strength (funnily enough) and muscle mass. Big muscles will lift big weights and if you constantly try to lift heavier weights your muscles will get bigger. For some odd reason this is an often forgotten rule when people try to increase their lean muscle mass.

So many trainees will needlessly hammer away in the gym, doing lots of volume with reps schemes like 3×10, among others. When in reality if you can lift heavier loads you will out on muscle mass. Therefore strength training workouts are an essential component for people looking to get bigger.

Volume training workouts have grown massively popular in moderns times, mainly due to pro bodybuilders using them. Because of this, a lot of people copy their workouts in the hoping of putting on lots of muscle mass. Unfortunately most people do not get the same results as the pro’s due to not have the same genetics and not using anabolic steroids. It is useful to cycle volume training into your workouts (there will be more on this later in the article).

Strength Training

But strength training should form a major part your training if you are reach your muscle building goals. This becomes even more important after you have trained for more than a year of continuous weight training. As your muscles will have become adapted to weight training. Therefore it is of paramount importance that you start using proper techniques, to increase strength and muscle mass.

In fact if you go back a lot of years to when pro bodybuilders did not use steroids. You will find that they had to do a lot of heavy lifting to get such high levels of muscle mass. So, hopefully by now you understand the importance of strength training workouts.

There are many forms of strength training workouts you can use to increase your strength levels. Some are used more frequently by power lifters and some are used more often by bodybuilders, or weight lifting enthusiasts looking to build muscle. The main difference is that bodybuilding strength training tends to use slightly more volume which helps with muscle mass. As this site is more for bodybuilding workouts I will mainly list these workouts.

Strength Training Workouts 5 x 5 Workout

USPlabs Jack3d 2010 Pre Workout Supplement of the One of the most popular strength training workouts for muscle mass has to be the 5 x 5 workout. The 5×5 workout was mainly popularised back in the “golden age” of bodybuilding, when you had natural bodybuilders reaching high levels of muscle mass. The 5×5 workout has a great combination of using heavy weight for strength but also provides enough volume to induce muscle growth. Which is why it is so popular among bodybuilders. The 5×5 workout has stood the test of time and is still one of the best strength training workouts around today. Despite what some guru who is selling his “super secret” muscle building formula to you might say.

I’m going to give you my personal 5×5 workout that I use most of the time. It is a slight variation from the older 5×5 workouts, which has been modified to suit modern research and findings. The workout I am giving you is a 4 day a week, upper and lower split. You can of course use it to workout 3 days a week as well and just alternate between upper and lower body days.

Strength Training Workout: Lower Body - Monday & Thursday

ExerciseSets RepsTempoRest Interval
A-1 Squat54-62 0 190 sec
A-2 Lying Hamstring Curl54-62 0 190 sec
B-1 Leg Press54-62 0 160 sec
B-2 Good Morning54-62 0 160 sec
C-1 Calf Raise38-102 0 160 sec
C-2 Reverse Crunch 38-102 0 160 sec

Strength Training Workout: Upper Body - Tuesday & Friday or Saturday

ExerciseSets RepsTempoRest Interval
A-1 Barbell Bench54-62 0 190 sec
A-2 Single Arm Bent Over Row54-62 0 190 sec
B-1 Military Press54-62 0 160 sec
B-2 Chin Up54-62 0 160 sec
C-1 Lying E-Z Bar Triceps Extension54-62 0 160 sec
C-2 E-Z Bar Biceps Curl54-62 0 160 sec

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Standard Bodybuilding Workout Rule Of Progression

Strength Training WorkoutsEvery bodybuilding workout you do must have some form of progression, or it will fail and you will not get stronger or bigger. For the above strength training workout all you have to do is use a weight that will keep you within the rep range. Whenever you can do the reps at the higher end of the range; you should add more weight to bring your reps down to the lower rep range. Then keep the weight constant until you can perform the higher rep ranges before increasing the weight.

For example: For a set/rep scheme of 5 x 4-6 you pick a weight were you can lift the weight for 4 reps for the 5 sets (you may have to reduce the weight for the later sets). The next workout keep the weight the same but try to more reps. Whenever you can do 6 reps for the 5 sets, increase the weight and continue as before. It is essential that you follow this rule of adding more reps or weight, to ensure you are always getting stronger and bigger.

Variations For Strength Training Workouts

In order to constantly get bigger muscles and improve your strength levels it is important to vary your workouts. After all a workout is only as good as the time it takes your body to adapt to it. A great style of workout to use after strength training is volume training.

You should use strength training workouts for around 3 weeks then switch to volume training for around 3 weeks. This has proven time and again to get great muscles building results, as muscle building does not occur in a straight constant fashion. You go through periods of getting bigger and not.

You can of course use other types of bodybuilding workouts but strength training should be cycled into your training routine at regular intervals.

Would you like to download these workout charts and report to your computer or phone? The good news is that you can by clicking the Facebook Like button below and the secret download link will reveal itself to you:

I hope you enjoyed my article on strength training workouts it was a pleasure to have you stay with me to the end of the article.

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