Density Training Workouts – Includes Free Density Training Workouts

Density Training Workouts – Includes Free Density Training Workouts

Density training workouts are a great way to pack on muscle mass and shake up your workouts. In a nutshell density training routines are workouts that concentrate on doing more work per period of time. As opposed to the usual straight set method were you try to lift more weight or more reps.

Density training works great if you have never used this style of training before, or have not used it for a while. There are many factors for this but mainly; your muscles are not getting as much recovery between sets as the workout before, which is a good muscle building stimulus. Some people call this increasing the intensity, personally I don’t care what title you give this method, I just use whatever works to build muscle!

Density Training

Density training can also good for decreasing the stress on your body and help prevent injury. The reason for this, is that you do not have to use as heavy weight compared to traditional weight lifting routines. The main aim is to keep the weight constant and fire out more reps for a predetermined time period. Simply put doing more work and volume for the same time span will force your body to start building muscle.

So, without further a do and babbling on about the benefits of density training, it is time to get into the actual workouts. The great thing about density training is that it is very adaptable to many workouts. It can also be used for muscle building, fat loss, conditioning among other things. But as this site is focues on getting you as big as possible we will focus on muscle building.

Escalating Density Training

Escalating density training was invented and popularised by an American coach called Charles Staley. He is an excellent coach who likes to simplify things as much as possible, yet still somehow acheives above normal results. Escalating density training was designed to a simple system that auto regulates itself to adapt to your workout

If you have never done a Charles Staley workout before; prepare to have your eyes opened. The first time I did one of his workouts I was amazed the next day how sore I was. I did not think that you could get as sore using relatively lighter weights compared to some of the heavier sessions I was doing.

Therefore I hope you will have a look at the workouts below with an open mind, they might seem simple and weird, but beleive me they work at getting results. The workouts below come straight from the mouth of Charles Staley, so enjoy. (Keep reading after the workouts for the explanation).

The Escalating Density Training Workouts

Monday: Lats/Elbow Extensors

First 20-Minute Time Frame

A-1: Chins (palms facing you)

A-2: Lying EZ-Bar Tricep Extensions

Second 20-Minute Time Frame

A-1: Seated Rows (Low cable or machine)

A-2: Reverse-Grip Tricep Pushdowns (palms up)

Tuesday: Lower Body/Trunk

First 20-Minute Time Frame

A-1: Back Extensions (a.k.a. hyper extensions)

A-2: Ball Crunches (crunches off a Swiss Ball)

Second 20-Minute Time Frame

A-1: Leg extensions

A-2: Leg Curls

Thursday: Pecs/Elbow Flexors

First 20-Minute Time Frame

A-1: Strive Bench Presses (or any machine bench press variant)

A-2: Low Cable Curls

Second 20-Minute Time Frame

A-1: Hammer Incline Presses

A-2: Preacher Hammer Curls

Friday: Lower Body

First 20-Minute Time Frame

A-1: Alternating Lunges

A-2: Sit-Ups

Second 20-Minute Time Frame

A-1: Seated Calf Raises

A-2: *Russian Twists

*Sit on the ground or a bench with knees bent to 90 degrees and lean your trunk back to 45 degrees. Keeping this trunk angle, and with arms out straight, fingers interlocked and arms maintained at 90 degrees to the upper body, rotate the trunk from the waist (not the shoulders!)

Comments on Exercise Selection

This is not a rehab or functional-strength program. It’s designed for lean-mass development only. The inclusion of machine-based exercises in the above cycle is based on my preference to avoid technical or coordination-intensive exercises (such as squats or deadlifts) while in a “panicked” state of mind. In theory, this program can be done using more technical lifts as long as you remain “present” or “in the moment.” However, for your first exposure to EDT, I strongly suggest sticking to the program as provided.


density training workouts• Each workout consists of two 20-minute time frames separated by a short (5-10 minute) rest period. In each time frame, you’ll perform two exercises, for a total of 4 exercises per workout.

• In each time frame, the two exercises are performed in alternating fashion, back and forth, until the time frame has elapsed.

• After warming up the first 2 exercises, select a load that approximates a 10-12 RM for each exercise. Ideally, the weight used for each exercise should be equally difficult.

• Sets, reps, and rest intervals: Generally, most people will find it most effective to do higher repetition (but not maximal effort) sets and shorter rests at the beginning, and then gradually progress to less reps per set and longer rests as fatigue accumulates. As an example, you might begin by performing sets of 6 with very short (15-30 second) rests. As you begin to fatigue, you’ll increase your rest intervals as you drop down to sets of 4, then 2, and as the 20-minute time limit approaches, you might crank out a few singles in an effort of accomplish as many repetitions as possible in 20 minutes.

NOTE: Do not perform early sets to failure, or even near failure. My recommended starting point is to do 1/2 of what is possible (e.g., 5 reps with a 10-RM weight) at the beginning of the time frame. As the time limit approaches however, you’ll find yourself working at or near failure as you attempt to break your rep record.

• Progression: Each time you repeat the workout; your objective is to simply perform more total repetitions in the same time frame. Apply the 20/5 rule: as soon as you can increase the total number of reps by 20% or more, start the next workout withy 5% more weight and start over.

And that’s essentially it. No pre-ordained numbers of sets, reps, or rest periods. It’s entirely up to you. Your job is only to complete the 20-minute work period, and then improve on it the next time around. Oh, and be ready to feel some pain. Don’t start this program if you need to attend some social event where shuffling and moaning in pain aren’t acceptable.

If you would like more escalating density training workouts, you should check out the full program, by click the link below:

Click here to go to Escalating Density Training

You can also use a different style of bodybuilding workouts after trying these density training workouts for 3 weeks or so. Strength training would be my personal favourite method to use after density training workouts.

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