Build Muscle With Kettlebells (Workout Included)

Build Muscle With Kettlebells (Workout Included)

Kettlebells have gained huge popularity over the years since they were fired out of Russia, in cannonball shaped fashion. This post will show you how to build muscle with kettlebells and give you a workout to do so.

You should know that this is article is a continuation of the previous post called Kettlebell vs Dumbbell: Which Is Better? So check it out if you are interested in the answer.

For now lets just look at the workout to build muscle with kettlebells and you can refer back to the previous post (linked above) for the reason for using kettlebells, if you want to.

Build Muscle With Kettlebells Workout

I will start by showing you the exercises you will be doing for this workout, you can see them below: (Click exercises for video explanation)

  1. Double KB Clean and Push Press
  2. Double KB Bent-Over Row
  3. Single KB Windmill
  4. Double KB Squat
  5. Single KB Swings
  6. Kettlebell Push Ups

To perform this kettlebell muscle building workout simply do them in circuit style. This is where you perform exercise 1, then move onto exercise 2 and so on until all exercises are completed.

You then rest and go back to exercise 1 and go through all the exercises again.

You want to do 3-4 circuits, meaning you do 3-4 sets of each exercise.

How many reps you do for each exercise will depend on the exercise and the kettlebell weight you have available to you. If you have heavier kettlebells, use them to get your rep range down to about 5-8 reps. Or just use the heaviest one you have and do as many reps as possible for each particular exercise. That means that the rep range will change from exericse to exercise but just work hard and the results will look after themselves.

The rest periods can vary as well depending on your goals. If you want to gain as much strength and size as possible, rest for longer periods of about 1-2 minutes.

If you want to get a bit more conditioning and fat loss while also building muscle, use shorter rest periods at around 15-30 seconds.

Important Note On This Kettlebell Muscle Building Workout:

Kettlestack Kettlestack Handle SetRemember that you do not have to only use kettlebells as discussed in this post.  You can use them with your existing routine by having one day during the week to do a kettlebell workout.

Or add them onto the end of your workout. This can work great for adding in more volume and conditioning onto an existing workout. To do this you may need to reduce the weight and rest periods, so that your overall workout time is not to long

Basically play around with different ideas and you will find that you can build muscle with kettlebells very effectively.

One more thing: One disadvantage with kettlebells is having to jump too high in weight because they come in standard sizes. Also, if you want to buy them you have to buy a new kettlebell for each weight.

To help combat this, I found a great kettlebell handle which you can add weights to. This will save you a lot of money and make kettlebell training far more versatile. You can check out this kettlebell handle here: Click here to see this great training device.

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